About Me


I am Marjon and I am a Levelhead (well that sounded like I’m at an AA meeting)

I was born in 1970 (a good year ;-) ), a happy single, living in The Netherlands.

I’ve been a tv-producer for 15 years producing a lot of tv-programmes in The Netherlands such as “Rad van Fortuin” (Wheel of Fortune), “Liefde op het eerste Gezicht” (Love at first Sight), “Surpriseshow” and the mother of all talentshows: “Soundmixshow”. And many, many more.

After 15 years I wanted to do something different so I did: I started my own company, an accounting office named “Katministratie” (Catministration; I love cats and I administrate ;-) ) and a few years later I started another company with a business-partner named “Xyde” (pronounce Excite) which exploits 10 webshops in The Netherlands.

And now I’m also a Levelhead.

I’m ashamed to say it, but I’ve only been a fan of Level 42 since I’ve seen the guys play at Retropop in Emmen (The Netherlands) last June (2014), but I’m trying to make it up to them with this site. I hope it works and that they will forgive me for being 30+ years late appreciating them and their music…

But hey, since they’re a bunch of nice lads I think I will get away with it. ;-)

If you have any suggestions, info, pics, vids, funny stories etc. don’t hesitate to contact me.

Like I said before, I’m a Levelhead for only a short time now, so there’s lots to be learned and known about them for me. ;-)


In case you’re interested:

Katministratie (in Dutch)

Xyde Webshops

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