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October 06, 2003


Level 42 | The Ultimate Collection

  • Love Meeting Love
  • Wings of Love
  • Love Games (Edit Version)
  • Turn it On (Edit Version)
  • Starchild (Edit Version)
  • Are you Hearing (What I Hear)?
  • Weave Your Spell
  • The Chinese Way
  • Out of Sight Out of Mind (Working Title: "On Regine")
  • The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up)
  • Micro-Kid
  • Hot Water (Remix)
  • The Chant Has Begun
  • Something About You (Single Version)
  • Leaving Me Now (Extended Version)
  • Lessons In Love
  • Running In The Family (Single Version)
  • To Be With You Again
  • It's Over
  • Children Say
  • Heaven In My Hands
  • Take a Look
  • Tracie (Single Version)
  • Take Care of Yourself
  • Guaranteed
  • Overtime
  • My Fathers Shoes
  • Forever Now
  • All Over You
  • Love In A Peacefull World
  • I Feel Free (Bonus CD)
  • Follow Me (Live) (Bonus CD)
  • Dream Crazy (Bonus CD)
  • Freedom Someday (Bonus CD)
  • The Spirit Is Free (Bonus CD)
  • The Hit Combination (Mixed By Ben Liebrand) (Bonus CD)
  • Bitter Moon (Bonus CD)
  • Sooner Or Later (Live) (New Track)

This Ultimate 3 disc collection has been digitally remastered and comes packaged in a gate fold digipak.

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