Entire Level 42 Collection for sale

Dutch Levelhead Norbert de Jong contacted me, because he is selling his entire Level 42 collection!

He has been a Levelhead since the 80’s and has since collected albums, singles (vinyl) and vids, and he;s selling it all now. Offcourse he would love it if the collection would go to another Levelhead.

If you’re interested, take a look at this link:

Level 42 Collection for sale

The collection he’s selling:


  • The early tapes (1982)
  • Standing in the light (1983)
  • True colours (1984)
  • World Machine (1985)
  • A physical presence LIVE (1985)
  • Staring at the sun (1988)

Maxi singles (12 inch)

  • Are you hearing (1982)
  • Hot water (Mastermix 10:21) (1983)
  • Children say (+remix Starchild and the platinum edition megamix) (1987)
  • Take a look (1988)
  • Tracie (+three words) (1989)


  • Take care of yourself (B-side: Silence LIVE) (1989)
  • Heaven in my hands (B-side: Gresham blues) (1988)


  • Videosingles (1986) (The sun goes down, Hot water, Something about you, Leaving me now, Lessons in love)
  • Family of five (1987) (Children say, Running in the family, To be with you again, Lessons in love, It’s over)
  • Live at Wembly (1987)
  • Fait Accompli (1989)
  • Level best (1989) (16 single video’s)


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